Campingplatz mit Galgenteich und KahlebergGalgenteich mit Altenberg und Geisingberg
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About us

Dear guests of the campsite Galgenteich,
From the 1st of april 2019 we take care of the campsite in Altenberg. It’s a big challenge for us and a lot of work is awaiting us! We returned to Marcel’s hometown Altenberg from Norway. There we had the opportunity to gain experience in a campsite, a café, a restaurant and also in a cheese factory.
Otherwise we are proud parents of three kids – Caspar, Hugo and Lotte. Later, we would like to introduce ourselves personally to you.
 We are looking forward to your visit!
Lea Wojzischke a Marcel Gundel
Galgenteich Altenberg


täglich geöffnet:

08:00 - 11:00

14:30 - 18:00


Naturbad kleiner Galgenteich
10:30 - 18:00
Wasser: 20,0 °C





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