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About us

Dear guests of the campsite Galgenteich,
On our adventures before taking care of the campside Galgenteich we got to know how important hospitality is, through countless situations. Therefor we try to be a good host with all our heart. We are glad for each and every guest and try to create an atmosphere everybody feels comfortable and welcome in.
We, that is Marcel Gundel and Lea Wojzischke all day long and our tough team that makes the project “Camping-Galgenteich” possible. We took over the campside in spring 2019. Since then we have a lot of tasks but also a lot of fun. We just keep eye on the potential that we see in the campside and lake and that keeps us running. Keep the place running is one side, at the same time we work with renovating and getting our ideas alive. Though the good and charming old things have to be saved. If you will be our guest you will see all the small matters. We are looking forward to it.
Lea Wojzischke a Marcel Gundel
Lea und Marcel
Galgenteich Altenberg


täglich geöffnet:

08:00 - 11:00

14:30 - 18:00


Naturbad Galgenteich

25.06.24 = geöffnet 

Wassertemperatur: 20 °C





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