Campingplatz mit Galgenteich und KahlebergGalgenteich mit Altenberg und Geisingberg
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The Ore mountains  have formed a natural border between Saxony and Bohemia for around 800 years. It’s a well known region for it’s mining tradition, which has strongly  influenced the people, their culture and local landscapes.

Today, this mountain region is famous for hiking, cycling and winter sports as well as for wellness and spa. There’s always something to explore – doesn’t matter if in summer or in winter.


Thanks to the fresh mountain air, the town bears the title "climatic health resort" since 2016. Here is the place to refresh your body and soul. Spa&wellnes center Raupennest offers various options to spend a spa holidays.  For the daily visitors , there are swimming pools of different temperature, massage streams, whirlpools and saunas. All around the town Altenberg there are marked terrain-hiking trails.


Over more than a hundred years the tradition of various winter sports is held. In the region you’ll find more than six ski lifts, a bob sleigh and trails for cross country skiing. Locas winter trails  are perfect for hiking trips with snowshoes through the winter wonderland.  There’s a wintersports stadium in Geising, where it’s possible to go ice skating, play ice hockey or curling.  The region is in abroad well known for the bob sleigh competitions and championship as well as for biathlon worldcups and international championship in Zinnwald Biathlonarena.

In the summertime the Ore mountains have some things to offer as well. The hilly landscapes are perfect for hiking, road cycling or mountainbike tours. The favourite trip destinations are the moorland in Zinnwald, the mountains Kohlhaukuppe, Geisingberg or Kahleberg or the lookout tower in Oberbärenburg.

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